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Mission Statement:

The Grady High School Mock Trial Foundation's mission is to use the context of competitive high school mock trial to foster the development of students' critical thinking skills, public speaking ability, work ethic, and self-confidence in a team environment. The Foundation supports the creation, development, and expansion of a dynamic and fun learning environment and experience in which students can develop life skills useful to pursuing excellence and mastery in any area or discipline.

More basic, and yet far beyond mere legal concepts and procedures, through its mock trial-related programs, the Foundation seeks to unlock that individual student potential released by taking "joyous passionate risks" in a collaborative and supportive team setting. 

The Grady High School Mock Trial Foundation's mission also includes providing financial support to enrichment activities including an annual Invitational Tournament for Public High Schools in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area and workshop programs designed to increase the number of schools and students who particpate in a substantive mock trial experience in high school. And the Foundation provides support to its current students and alumni through its Grady High School Mock Trial Alumni Network that includes 20 years of alumni.