The Henry W. Grady High School Mock Trial Team is comprised of current Henry W. Grady High School students from all grade levels. Over the years, the team has received coaching assistance from a number of lawyers from the Atlanta legal community as well as teachers from Grady H.S.  Like a real legal team, our Team spends countless hours learning courtroom procedure, rules of evidence and preparing their case for “trial.” Through the mock trial case preparation process, our students develop and sharpen their abilities to think logically and critically, to argue persuasively and passionately, and to write clearly and succinctly.  Our students’ tireless efforts have earned them numerous individual student attorney and witness awards at all levels of competition. But it is our Team’s conduct inside and outside of the courtroom that is most noteworthy—the professionalism and decorum shown toward their opponents and for their surroundings reflect their respect for the time and effort invested by all in the High School Mock Trial Program around the country and the world.

2014-2015 TEAM


Ali Bouterse

Carolyn Capelouto

Alex Durham

Katie Earles

Eli Hendler

Chase Kleber

Chandler Morris

Ebet Lansing

Orly Mansbach

Olivia Podber

Veronica Skelton

Jared Steckl

Nina Stern

Erik Tischer

Amariah Land

Alex Tischer

Anna Tischer

Ansley Kish

Audrey Dwyer

Avery Alford

Jack Stegleman

Riley O'Donnell 

Teacher Coach:

Andrew Copeland

Attorney Coaches:

Carl Gebo (Lead Attorney Coach)
Daniel Moriarty