Empire Atlanta- 2015

Student attorneys, Jack Stegleman, Orly Mansbach, and Alex Durham wait at defense counsel table to begin their crosses

Freshman attorney, Robert Mobely gets his confidence up for the next competition round. 

Sophomore attorney, Katie Earles, delivers her passionate closing in plaintiff round. 

Veronica Skelton (or Chief Polson) gets her hair done by sophomre Ebet lansing before competition. 

Audrey Dwyer, aka "Kid Vicious, answers cross questions with attitude. 

Sophomore attorney, Alex Durham, delivers opening statements on behalf of the defense. 

Practice makes perfect- Junior, Orly mansbach practices her closing before entering the courtroom for competition. 

Freshman, Selena Kleber asks the hard questions.

Alex Durham and Katie Earles represent Grady in a picture with students from finalist, Jonesboro High School.

Witness, Avery Alford, brings emotion to the courtroom.

Freshmen boys, Jack Stegleman (The Steglemonster), Alex Tischer, and Robert Mobely enjoy opening ceremonies together.

The Grady Empire Atlanta Mock Trial team after final round.

Regional Competition- 2015

The Grady Mock Trial team celebrates their regional competition 

Students await comments from evaluators at Gerogia Regional Competition –– Alex Durham, Dhruv Mehra, Chandler Morris, Eli Hendlier, Caroline Capelouto, Katie "EarlWarren" Earles, and Olivia Podber

Empire New York- 2014

Freshman, Ebet Lansing answers the tough questions.


Erik Tischer, Griffin Kish, and Chase Kleber in competition mode at defense counsel table. 

Carolyn Capeluto brings personality to the courtroom. 

Freshman attorney, Chandler Morris, conducts her direct examination.

Junior attorney, Eli Hendler, goes hard on cross.

Regional competition- 2014

Students And Attorney Coach After Regional Competition -- (in front) Trinh Huynh, a.ka. "Ms. Hun", Archer Kinnane, Josh Weinstock, Orli Hendler, JD Capelouto, Michael Dillard, and Quinn Mulholland.

Students After Round Of Regional Mock Trial Competition –– Archer "Reggie" Kinnane, Joseph D. "JD" Capelouto, Josh "Coaster" Weinstock, Eli Hendler, Carolyn "Contingency" Capelouto, and Orly Mansbach.

Empire New York- 2010

Student Attorney Elizabeth McGlamry Accepts Award for Most Outstanding Attorney At Empire World Championship Awards Ceremony  * Photo Courtesy of Empire Mock Trial*

Student Attorney Shaun Kleber Accepts Outstanding Attorney Witness Award At Empire World Championship Awards Ceremony * Photo Courtesy of Empire Mock Trial*

Student Attorney Shaun Kleber conducts cross examination of expert witness during Empire World Championship Final Round   * Photo Courtesy of Empire Mock Trial*

Direct Examination of the witness Hunter Baxmusa (portayed by Alix Youngblood) by Student Attorney Troy Kleber during preliminary round of Empire World Championship Tournament, as Jamine Sky Burnett coordinates counsel table  * Photo Courtesy of Empire Mock Trial*

Student Attorney Sam Weinstiock Delivers Opening Statements during Empire World Championship Final Round  * Photo Courtesy of Empire Mock Trial*

Students introduce themselves during the World Championship Final Round of Empire –– (seated) Alix Younblood, Sam Weinstock, Elizabeth McGlamry, Shaun Kleber, (seated) Troy Kleber  * Photo Courtesy of Empire Mock Trial*

Grady Students In New York City For Empire Mock Trial World Championship  * Photo Courtesy of Empire Mock Trial* – Shaun Kleber, David Bufkin, Abena Amoakuh, Jasmine Skye Burnett, Katherine Sherwood, Troy Kleber, Elizabeth McGlamry, Sam Weinstock, Egan Allen.

State Competition- 2000

Grady Students Matt Hilliard and Will Marting Haul Off The Big Gavel 

Grady Mock Trial Gavel Shenanigans 

Grady High School Georgia State Mock Trial Champions – Walker Griffith, Emily (Anderson) Briete, Stephanie Hagan, Helen Dixon, David Carpenter, Christopher Phillips, Nicole DeMoss, Will Martin, Sydney Bufkin, Lisa Jackson, Ashlyn Shockley, Dean Bordeaux, Sarah Nobles, and Matt Hilliard

Grady's 1st State Championship Trophy.

Student Attorneys Stephanie Hagan and Emily (Anderson) Breite celebrating Grady's announcements as State Championship.

Student Attorneys Christopher Phillips and Emily (Anderson) Breite replay the just completed round while awaiting comments from evaluator and presiding judge following a State Competition Round.

Regional Competition- 2000

Grady High School Regional Competition – David Carpenter, Christopher Phillips, and Emily (Anderson) Breite for the Prosecution.

Grady Mock Trial Attorney Coach Jennifer (Murphy) Romig gives constructive criticism to Nicole DeMoss, Christopher Phillips, Emily (Anderson) Breite, Sydney Bufkin, Sarah Kuebbing, and David Carpenter Regional Round.