Class of 2007

Dyci Manns

2005, Timekeeper/attorney

UGA, B.A. in Spanish 

When you hear "Grady Mock Trial" what is the first thing that pops in your head?

The coaches that we had. They were/are truly amazing, genuine, sincere people that had our best interest at heart and consistently went above and beyond to help us. 

What is a particular moment or event  that you recall from your time on mock trial that is most memorable?

I would have to say when we beat Jonesboro and won regionals! 

Have you found that any of your experiences during your time on the Mock Trial Team have had an impact on you? 

Absolutely! MT gave me the confidence to speak in front of people and the ability to do so without using notes, a podium, etc. Many adults don't even have these skills and I've had them since I was a teenager! 

Other than Mock Trial, how do you recall your time at Grady HS? 

High school was a great time for me overall. I had a lot of friends and was involved in a lot of activities. The teachers were great and I definitely learned a lot and was prepared for college.


What did you do after graduating from Grady?

I attended UGA, started nonprofit organization, did some traveling, lived in Italy and Germany, worked in marketing and modeling/acting, got my qualification to teach English, and moved to Milan to start my English teaching business. 

If you went to college or graduate school- please tell us where you went, the degrees you earned, and what you were looking for from your college experience and what you actually took from it? 

I earned by Bachelor's degree in Spanish with a focus on literature and linguistics. I intended to go to school for broadcasting, but ended up studying public administration, education, and Spanish. 

If you have not finished your formal education, what are you working on now and what are your plans when you do finish?

I plan to do a Master's degree in Teaching and Curriculum, but I haven't decided when. 

What are some experiences that have helped you get where you are today?

Traveling and studying abroad, lots of internships and work experience, not just good grades!

Any advice or words of wisdom that you have for current  Grady Mock Trial Team Members or more recent alumni?

Take it all in! Take risks. Don't take your plans too seriously because life will change them for you. Learn a second language if you can, and a third if you already speak a second!

We are learning that Grady Mock Trial has its own language and each year's team tends to develop its own catchphrases or terms. What are some of the catchphrases or terms that you recall from your time on Grady Mock Trial? And if there's a story that goes with it, please share it.

That didn't suck. 

-Carl Gebo, self explanatory!

Would you be willing to act as a mentor or guide in certain areas? If so, in what areas would you be willing to mentor or guide students or younger alumni?

Of course! Interviewing and resume building, Nonprofit and NGOs, education and teaching , tnternational travel and study programs

To contact Dyci, please email her at or message her at