Class of 2013

Troy Kleber

2009-2013, timekeeper, witness, attorney

Georgia Tech, pursuing a B.A. in biomedical engineering

When you hear "Grady Mock Trial" what is the first thing that pops in your head?


What is a particular moment or event  that you recall from your time on mock trial that is most memorable? It could be a "favorite moment" or a "not-so-favorite" moment.

First year at Empire: I had no idea what I was doing and got pushed into roles I had never done before and knew nothing about. Somehow we were able to pull out a win, but I'm still not sure how. The coaches spent a lot of time working with me to get me to be confident in myself and my abilities, and that competition really set the stage for the remainder of my time on the team.

Have you found that any of your experiences during your time on the Mock Trial Team have had an impact on you? 

All my mock trial experiences have had an impact on me. I certainly wouldn't be the self-confident communicator I am today without the countless hours of time and effort I put into the mock trial team ... and the coaches put into helping me.

Other than Mock Trial, how do you recall your time at Grady HS? The classes, classmates and teacher, the other extra-curriculars and non-academic activities? 

I lived by the saying, "The more I do, the more I get done." And I loved to get stuff done.

If you went to college or graduate school- please tell us where you went, the degrees you earned, and what you were looking for from your college experience and what you actually took from it? 

Currently studying biomedical engineering as a pre-med student at Georgia Tech

What are some experiences that have helped you get where you are today?

Everything I did in high school has helped me get to college. The rest is yet to come.

Any advice or words of wisdom that you have for current  Grady Mock Trial Team Members or more recent alumni?

There are many reasons to be on the mock trial team--to gain skills in public speaking and communication, to develop a community of self-motivated, driven students, to prepare oneself for a college and/or professional environment, or to have a fun with friends and teammates. The best team members, however, are those who see the value of this team in all of these ways.

We are learning that Grady Mock Trial has its own language and each year's team tends to develop its own catchphrases or terms. What are some of the catchphrases or terms that you recall from your time on Grady Mock Trial? And if there's a story that goes with it, please share it.

"Of all the rounds we've ever done, this one was the most recent." That saying has probably been around for a while, but it was said pretty often for us. I can't say that was ever wrong.

Would you be willing to act as a mentor or guide in certain areas? If so, in what areas would you be willing to mentor or guide students or younger alumni?

I can be a mentor in any way you want. Although I can't say I know much about post-college life.

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